Disruptive Technology

Changing the ways things are being done.

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The hallmark of Cappellotto USA is the Cap-Recy. A true purpose build Sewer Cleaning Machine that truly recycles the water that is uses.

  • Basic Operation

    1 man.

  • Setup Time:

    2 minutes

  • Feet cleaned per hour:


  • Service life of cleaning unit

    20-30 years

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This is your typical Industry standard sewer cleaning machine. The way it’s been done for years, with no major advancements.

  • Basic Operation

    2 man

  • Setup Time:

    5 minutes

  • Feet cleaned per hour:


  • Service life of cleaning unit

    5-8 years


Are you tired of the same old song and dance? You start the day by filling up with fresh clean water – you work for 20 or 30 minutes – discharge – refill and repeat again and again. Well, Cappellotto has the answer.

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Cappellotto prides itself in its quest to increase performance while maintaining operator safety. There’s no question that recycling water is a good thing in many respects. In doing so, it reduces operator risk tremendously and fatigue.

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Quality can be seen the first time you see a Cappellotto USA Vacuum unit. From its polished stainless steel finish to the rotating hose reel – but that’s just the beginning. Quality runs deep and for over 50 years it’s been a standard we strive for every day.

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Savings as clear as water.

CAP RECY, the natural evolution of CAP COMBI, is the fruit of more than 25 years’ experience, leading to optimization of a unique technology allowing water to be saved and recovered.

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Simply a classic.

CAP COMBI is the perfect answer in all situations where sewers or ducts in general need to be cleaned. Designed to satisfy the customer’s every need and based on the best Cappellotto technology matured during 60 years of experience

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CAP Bora

Suction and power.

CAP BORA is the maximum technological expression of vacuum loading and pneumatic transport of dry and dusty materials and liquids, including ADR hazardous materials or ATEX explosive materials.

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Agile and fast.

Water at full power. This is the basic concept behind our CAP JET equipment, designed and dimensioned for high pressure water cleaning of pipes, sewers and ducts blocked by solid waste and hardened deposits.

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More cleaning.

Designed for vacuum loading and transport of waste liquids and sludges, the CAP VAC is an excellent, simple and highly practical solution. The tanks are made from stainless or carbon steel and mounted on truck chassis, trailers, semi-trailers or roll-off vehicles.

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New frontier of excavation.

Created specifically for high capacity excavation with vacuum loading of heavy materials in places difficult to reach with traditional mechanical systems, CAP GEO represents the “maximum” of vacuum excavation.

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Quality begins with design.

Constant research and the study of new technologies have always been the fundamental keystones of our strategy. Quality and attention to detail, continuous testing in our R&D department and close attention to the needs and experiences of our customers have enabled us to develop the unique state-of-the-art features typical of our products.

About Us

Cappellotto USA was formed out of necessity. To bring to market a disruptive technology that will bring new life to a stagnate industry. Over the past 10 years nothing has really changed the way sewers are cleaned and maintained that’s because no one has seen the need. So with water in short supply, fuel price though the roof and labor cost going up, we feel the need is here and we plan to satisfy that need.

Cappellotto built its first recycle truck in 1998.

Things have changed a lot since then and we have been tasked by Cappellotto SPA to bring to market the Cap-Recy. In cooperation with B&D Enterprises in Winter Springs Florida the first two Cap- Recy Sewer Cleaning Unit arrived and started testing and collecting data in January 2015.

The testing is over and the results are in, IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!! So Cappellotto USA is here to stay!